• Single ply flat roofing
  • Installation and repairs
  • Slating
  • Tiling
  • Old stone tiling
  • All Leadwork
  • Facia, Barge and Soffit boards
  • Chimneys
  • All rain water goods (Installation & cleaning)
  • Repair and replacement of timber work
  • Stockists & Suppliers of high quality, reclaimed Welsh slate
  • C&T Bain Listed Building Roof Refurbishment

  • C&T Bain Roof Rebuild

Single ply flat roofing

Our operatives have a huge amount of experience in laying flat roofs. Not only do they have the skills but also a wide variety of technology. This helps us keep the price economic and also lay a roof that lasts.

Single Ply Flat Roofing

Installation and Repair

Installation and repairs

We can install anything from vents to guttering. If its roofing related then we can install it or repair it.

Slating & Tiling

Our slating and tiling is of the highest standard. Before the slate even makes it to the roof we make sure it is all graded so that all the slates on each section of the roof are of equal thickness.


Old stone tiling

Old stone tiling

We not only have experience in modern roofing methods but also more traditional solutions. C&T Bain can will provide you with an old stone tiling service.

All Leadwork

Lead is extremely durable, waterproof and lasts for a long time. Exposed areas like a chimney or a small porch roof can really be made to last by having lead work applied to them. C&T Bain has decades of experience in shaping lead to fit the job.


Fascia  Barge & Soffit

Facia, Barge and Soffit boards

Fascia, barge & soffit boards are some the most exposed parts of the roof. C&T Bain can provide a repair/splice service or even replace old boards with brand new PVC boards.


As you will see on various pictures around the website C&T Bain is able to take down and completely rebuild chimneys that are high quality and resilient against the elements.


All rain water goods (Installation & cleaning)

Whether its pipes, gutters, cladding or edgings C&T Bain can not only install them but are also able to provide a cleaning service for rainwater goods.

Repair and replacement of timber work

C&T Bain’s roofing operatives are multi-skilled/qualified and we may be able to repair timbers in the roof that have become rotten and damp.

Repair & Replacement of Timber

Welsh Slates

Stockists & Suppliers of high quality, reclaimed Welsh slate

We stock high quality, reclaimed welsh slate. These highly sought after slates are only £2.65 each + VAT and will add the traditional, welsh aesthetic to your roof.